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  • We are a small country shop in business for over 10 years helping people with their herbal, botanical, spice & oil needs. Happy to provide local service to all our Lampasas, Kempner, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood & Killeen customers. And as a mail order service for those not close enough to come visit in person. We also carry incense, healing gem stones, candle and soap making supplies and a variety of items for storing and making herbal and aromatherapy formulas. Not counting all the new things we add along the way.
  • How Ordering Works - We use a Paypal shopping cart ( if you dont have a paypal account you can get one free at ) but its not required to purchase with us as paypal allows you to purchase from us with a Credit Card without joining. Just add items to your cart ( quanities can be changed in your cart ). You can also call us direct to make Credit Card payment - your order will need to be emailed to us with shipping address included. If you want to pay by Cashiers Check or Money Order make payable to Christensens. Use the shopping cart, but when done print out 2 copies of your order. One for you and one to send with payment. Then just delete the items from your cart. Personal Checks are not accepted. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, especially with bulk orders. ( please read What are Bulk Orders ). as we order fresh once paid for. Orders start processing in order received once payments are received depending to the type of order placed.
  • How We Got Here - Our small business started simply because we wanted to use natural herbal remedies for ourselves, but found it difficult finding what we needed locally. Dry herbs, fragrance oils and essential oils were the starting point. As we started buying in bulk, we placed what we didnt need ourselves on our convenience store shelves. Well, we outgrew our small herb corner and had to move next door. Once moved we expanded into healing stones, incense,books, accessories, and supplies. Slowly we're also venturing into soap and candle making supplies as well. Now that we're mostly settled into our new location, we thought its time to make our products available to a larger market. So here we are.
  • What are Bulk Orders? - We believe in freshness so dont keep large amounts of herbs on hand. Since we are a small but still growing business, we offer everything available to us to give you a greater variety. But this requires your patients in delivery. We can fill most small orders within days and ship out. Bulk orders are ALL pound ( lb ) orders and all other items over a quantity of ONE and our 1000ct filled capsules. Sometimes we can fill quantities up to 3oz but cant promise because weekly in store sales of certain items vary. Bulk orders can take up to 3 weeks to process as our shipments only come in once a week. Please understand we're trying to make sure your products are always fresh, and this method has worked for us and our customers for years. As for none herbal orders, we also only keep small quantities on hand. Our shop has limited space, atleast for now. But we order from our distributers almost weekly so wanted to expand our available products to our customers. Some items offered are made by us once an order request is received. Such as capsuled supplements, jewelry, soaps & candles.
  • Quality wins over Quantity - We look for the best products for ourselves and our customers. Sometimes a little costlier then other similar products, but quality always wins over quantity. Our suppliers provide the best pure oils on the market & the freshest herbs at great prices.
  • Can't Find Something? - If you are in the need for something that we currently dont offer, just email us and we will see if its available to us. If so, we will make it available to you.
  • No Returns Policy - To eliminate the risk of tampering, we're sorry to say that all sales are final. This policy is for your safety. We use well established distributers. But product quality cant be assured if returns were accepted. Any returned packages will be disposed of at buyers lose. Always ask questions before ordering. All U.S. shipments come with Tracking & insuranced by us, so lose or damage is covered, but doesn't apply to returned packages unless there was an address error on our part.
  • No Personal Checks Accepted - It is very difficult to correctly establish when a check has cleared our business account, sometimes they can take up to 2 wks. Also bad checks are almost impossible to collect on from out of town buyers and if we want to keep our prices down we need to eliminate the possibilities of $25 bad check fees that we would be charged and unable to collect on. Any personal checks sent, will be returned to sender. We hope this doesnt make us sound harsh. We are proud to offer most of our inventory at very reasonable prices, and only wish to be able to continue to do so.
  • ( updated 7/16/07 ) - Everything has buy buttons now. We are currently working on adding information on all products for new users. This will take some time, so please keep checking back. We are also planning to introduce wholesale prices on capsuled herbs ( more to be added as we grow ). We have tons of new items to still add, so please stop back often. We just expanded into Swarovski prisms ( the smaller mm's work wonderful for earring, pendant pieces & ornaments. Many larger pieces use for Feng Shui. These crystal prisms can be so relaxing when watching them catch the sun at just the right angle to create a beautiful rainbow affect throughout the room ). We'll be slowly adding Candle and Soap Making Supplies in small amounts for those of you that dont want bulk. Gemstones & Crystals, Jewelry ect..will also be expanding. If you run into any problems ( such as a difference from listed price and invoice price ), please email so we can work on fixing it. We're not pro's at web site building, so there may be a glitch or two. :o).

    The Herb Corner
    6740 FM 2657
    Kempner TX 76539
    ( Money Orders payable to Christensen's )

    Phone: 254-547-0683
    Open to the public Fri + Sat Only
    10 am - 6 pm

    2008 The Herb Corner


Shipping on ALL orders is ONLY $5.
NO International Orders

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