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We can make in any incriment you choose....$5, $10.....$100..$ ?? you name it.


Tired of deciding what to get for that special person?  Let them choose!!!!  After all each person is unique when it comes to the herbs and oils they prefer.
Just email us the amount you want on your gift certificate if not already listed here.  We will make a special Paypal invoice to meet your needs and to take off the S&H rate as all this is done via email.    We will impose a $1 fee for processing for each certificate ordered.  Gift certificate will be valid for anything we sell.  S&H fees must be paid at time of order ( sorry certificates cant be used to pay this ). Certificates will have a 1 yr expiration date from time of purchase.


GC1  $25.00 

GC2  $50.00 

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