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 If you like what I made for you, just copy the html tag above the sample I made.  You'll also need to save the image onto an online photo storage service that you may use.   Just right click and then click on "save picture as" to save on your computer.   Then upload to your service.  Once you do that you need to change the html tag from my image src="http:// information to yours.  After you get it all set just let me know so when I need the page here for another project I can delete your stuff.  Let me know if you want something different.  If you already have a different picture you want to use on your service and just need the rest of this code then just change the image src="http:// to your information.  Now that you have the code you can also change the wording that I put into the box  that appears when mouse is over your banner.  Please note that the banner doesn't work here.  To see it in action go to  and put the html code into the box and click "see html".  Let me know if you need any help.

<a href=""><img src="" border="1" alt="SHELL WORLD INC.
 Welcome to the World of Seashells! Wholesaler of Seashells and Ocean Products"></a>


<a href=""><img src="" border="1" alt="Buy and Sell Online : Bargain Finder Online: Classifieds Online: Stuff For Sale By Owner Locally Or Around The World"></a><br><Font color="green" size=5>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Shell World</Font></B>


Your store name is under picture, I just couldn't get it to show here.  Since its a LF picture you dont even need to save anywhere LOL.  Once you add this HTML, your all set.