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Please be sure to read our home page before ordering.  All sales are final.  If you have questions, please email first.

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EO = Essential Oil

FO = Fragrance Oil

ml = millileters

oz = fluid ounce

tsp = teaspoon

tbsp = tablespoon

This is not exact, but a good rule of thumb
            oz      ml        tbsp          tsp        drops
1oz       1        30          2              6            600
1tbsp    1/2     15          1              3            300
1tsp      1/6      5          1/3            1            100
1ml      1/30     1         1/15          1/5            20
1dr       1/8     3.7        1/16         1/48           75

( using your choice of carrier oil )
10% dilution for 1oz bottle = .10 x 600 = 60 drops EO
                  for 1/2oz bottle = .10 x 300 = 30 drops EO
5% dilution for 1oz bottle = .05 x 600 = 30 drops EO
                for 1/2oz bottle = .05 x 300 = 15 drops EO
4% dilution for 1oz bottle = .04 x 600 = 24 drops EO
                for 1/2oz bottle = .04 x 300 = 12 drops EO
This  formula can be figured for any size bottle and of course any % of dilution.  Use single EO or a blend of EO's
5% dilute for 4oz bottle = .05 x 2400 = 120 drops EO
              for 16oz bottle = .05 x 9600 = 480 drops EO

Candle & Soap Making Tips
Most soap recipes give directions on amount of EO or FO to add, but a good rule of thumb is to never excede 2% of total recipe for body products such as soaps, lotions, ect.  Max on most of our oils  for body products is .07%.
The practiced rule of thumb for candle making is 1oz of EO or FO per lb of wax.  But this is usually using inferior oils, as we've found using our quality oils requires only half the amount.  Of course you can add more if your looking for a super strong candle throw.  Tip:  if your trying to achieve that mollted look when making candles 2 to 3 tsp of mineral oil can be added per lb of wax.  Make sure to add Vybar so your candles arent too soft and to help throw the scent better.


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